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Equipment health expert of "core"

Chip -level maintenance

Chip -level maintenance

It is not limited by the industry; reduces the change of equipment to the greatest extent,Make sure the equipment is stable、Safe run。

High -quality customer experience

Baoou provides you with a full year,7 x 24hours of service

To ensure service quality,We have developed a small program for the maintenance management system and the European technology service platform,Make the entire maintenance process clearer and fast。Use our applet,You can:

  • View history of maintenance spare parts
  • Tracking in the repair parts and its current status
  • Acceptance spare parts
  • Search for our spare parts library
Complete machine test platform

Complete machine test platform

Comprehensive and strict testing is the best method for thorough diagnosis and repairing equipment,Avoid problems that happen again。Baoou has been continuously developing a new test desk,Use the load and function test of the device。