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Industrial Robot Service

System integration

Use the factory as the service object to achieve full process coverage

Typical system integration cases:
– production line robot (eight) process program writing and on -site debugging
– Moisture Workstation: Show the cylinder body to implement product punching
– Machine visual detection: Robot recognition of product quality
– ABB robot welding workstation process transformation
– Welding workstation installation and debugging

Electric Control Maintenance

According to the brand specified simulation testing scheme, 95%repair rate

Core component maintenance:
– Control host
– Subdivy Driver
– motor power supply


Body maintenance, shaft body oil exchange, electronic control maintenance cleaning

Maintenance oil sales

Industrial robot maintenance oil,You can use industrial robot oil products developed by Sinopec,Baoou Company is a long -term strategic partner of the Sinopec Lubrication Research Institute,Responsible for the promotion and application of the oil product。