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Industrial Robot Service

System Integration

Use the Factory as the Service Object to Achieve Full PROCESS COVERAGE

Typical System Integrating Case:

  • Capyle Robot (Eight Units) Process Program Writing and on -Site Debugging
  • Maifu Workstation: Show the Cylinder Body to Implement Product Punching
  • Moriopus Visual Detection: Robotic Identification of Product Quality
  • ABB Robot Welding Workstation Process Transformation
  • Welding Workstation Installation and debugging

Electronic Control Repair

According to the Brand Specify Simulation Test Scheme, 95% fIRST-TIME FIX Rate

Core Component Repair:

  • Coltage host
  • The main axis driver
  • Computer Power Supply
  • Grapeteer


Body Maintenance, Shaft Oil Change, Maintenance and Cleaning ofElectronic Control