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Company location

JOGOS DA COPA DO EURO 2024 Alemanha is located in Happy Park,The location of the park is convenient,Bei adjacent to Baoshan District、East neighbor Hongkou District,West neighboring Jiading District; obvious location advantage。The park is located in the northern suburbs of Jing'an District,There is a new city in the city around the city、Pengpu Industrial Base and other municipal -level parks。The park also has a convenient transportation network,The Central Line of the park is connected to Shanghai、Shanghai Ning、Shanghai Qingping、Shanghai Hangzhou and other highway networks,It is a fast channel to the Yangtze River Delta region。The composite elevated road next to the park is an arteries that run through the north and south of the city,Composite elevated middle -level Metro Line 1 is directly connected to the main commercial district of Shanghai,There are 36 bus lines around the park that radiated to Shanghai in all directions。

Driving route

Pentagon direction:

Central Line — Under the exit of Yuanping Road -turn right to Yuanping Road -go straight to the middle of the field -go left to Corning Road

People's Square direction:

North and South Viaduct -Republic New Road Supplement Road -go left to the middle of the road -to Kangning Road right

Baoshan direction:

Yixian Road Elevator -Under the exit of Yixian Road -turn right to the middle of the road -to Kangning Road right

Peripheral bus route

Metro Line 1Pengpu Xincun Station,110、187、159、165、551、845、705, etc.