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We are happy to hear the voices of future employees。If you are interested in adding an innovation,Smart and fast -paced team,Welcome to contact us。

below, long -term uninterrupted recruitment:

1. Intelligent equipment technical service engineer with craftsmanship
Work location: Shanghai Headquarters,Nanjing、Beijing、Wuhan、Wuxi、Bases or offices in Chongqing and other places。You can work nearby。
Work content:

  • Foreign brands large medium -sized power inverter、All kinds of board cards、Power Drive Module、high and low -frequency power module、Industrial Control Machine、Operation screen of human -machine interface、CPU motherboard、DCS、PLC、chip -level maintenance of high -precision smart devices such as servo motors (more than three years of maintenance experience)
  • Factory technical service of fault diagnosis of factory smart devices、Maintenance maintenance、Upgrade and engineering project。

2. Large customer manager with automation equipment technical skills
Requirements: Bachelor of related majors such as mechanical and electrical integration and automation.

3. Manufacturing enterprise engineering project manager
Requirements: Production line (machine tool、Processing Center、Robot) Equipment maintenance and maintenance; production line process engineering category。

4. Middle and senior electrician
Requirements: On -site work experience for more than three years.

5. Technology R & D engineer
This post is specially welcome to make an electronic board、Fixed the foundation of electronic theory、Expectation of the intelligent equipment technology service industry、Graduate friends with dreams join。

6. Assistant General Manager
Requirements: Has market development publicity、Business operation experience、English proficiency, etc.,Electronic、Graduated from undergraduate in electrical majors。


8. Senior engineer of the robot visual recognition system

9. IT engineer who understands the device

Contact:Manager Zhan
Email:    zhanjiaqi@baoom.cn9