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About Baoou

JOGOS DA COPA DO EURO 2024 Alemanha was established in2004year, yesNational high -tech enterprise,Professional dedicated to smart device predictive maintenance technology applications、CNC series project transformation、Industrial Robot System Integration and Maintenance Maintenance、Automated Filial Waterline Equipment Maintenance、Circuit Board Maintenance and Industrial Control Product Sales。The field of treasure European service involves cars、Mechanical Manufacturing、Metallurgy、Rail Transit、Electricity、petrochemical industry、Semiconductor、Tobacco、Food and Beverage and other industries,In short,We cooperate with any corporate cooperation with industrial electronic devices。

We establish a partnership with our customers and cooperate with them to ensure that their equipment can be as soon as possible、Economic recovery and operation is proud。We provide warranty for all maintenance,and is committed to satisfying customers。

Baoou is 300 manufacturing every year、Automated Equipment Manufacturers provide technical services; systems for more than 130 manufacturers each year、Products provide maintenance、 Maintenance Technical Service。

Why are we different from everyone

  • Treasure Europe has a strong brand advantage
  • Consolidate professional capabilities, innovate and develop smart equipment cloud service mode
  • Integrated industrial ecology, strategic positioning intelligent equipment industry chain service

To meet market demand,We constantly explore the research and development and application of new technologies,Continuously improve professional maintenance quality and market -based high -quality services,To meet the needs of customers and markets。

Baoou not only has a group of professional maintenance engineer teams who have worked in the field of technical services for many years,It also established a domestic advanced smart device test research and development center,The whole machine test platform with independent intellectual property rights,Can be reappeared for failure、Simulation on -site requirements test、Barrier testing and other functions,Guarantee maintenance quality,Improve service efficiency,Wherebawlke-25The load test desk was included in the 2013 Shanghai Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund Project,The Internet of Things -based testing and maintenance test desk and remote diagnostic system cloud platform was rated as the 2017 Shanghai Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund Project,The company invested a large amount of hardware and software spare parts support at the test center every year,R & D new test technology,Development test platform。

These advantages fully ensure that our Bao European company can solve problems for the company in the shortest time,Reduce equipment stop time,Improving the production efficiency of the enterprise。